Unraveling Ambition

Unraveling Ambition

Are you willing to question your ambition? This is an invitation to allow your ambition to unravel… and return to the root of your power, peace, and purpose.

Author Valia Glytsis will propel you into the inner workings of your inherited drive to reclaim what truly matters most to you in this life.

Unraveling Ambition will guide you through practical leadership insights, universally relatable first-generation stories, and deep existential and spiritual musings – all sprinkled with humor and heart. Written for emerging and established leaders alike, Unraveling Ambition offers a provocative and timely perspective on replacing assumptions and inherited rules with authenticity and personal freedom.

Those willing to take the unraveling journey will learn how to:

  • Question inherited patterns and rethink their value and relevance
  • Identify core values and strengths to lead life and make conscious choices
  • Learn industry-leading, transformational leadership tips, tools and hacks
  • Activate more personal energy, gravitas, and confidence
  • Explore the more spiritual, quantum side of leadership
  • Redefine one’s personal relationship with goals, urgency, and ambition

About Valia

As a highly sought-after trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker, Valia Glytsis is known for her inspirational and transformative approach to leadership development – leading from the inside out. She is the CEO and Founder of The Paradox of Leadership, a boutique learning and development firm serving senior executives and their leadership teams to deepen trust, cultivate communication, and build alignment. Her authorship debut, Unraveling Ambition, is a testament to her passion for helping clients rewrite their stories and unlock more meaning and purpose in how they live and lead. She is fascinated by the space where business and spirituality meet and has made it her mission to invite other progressive leaders into this exploration.