Defining the journey, the philosophy, and the heart behind the VALIA brand.

Speaker, Atlassian Summit, April 2019 /  A in-depth look at making choices from personal values.

Glimpse at the behind the scenes work of VALIA


The Paradox of Leadership:
Valia shares her inside-out approach to leadership.

From Freedom to Fear:
Valia teaches her philosophy on inside-out leadership and shifting from fear to freedom.

Branding from the Inside Out: Valia reveals tips and tricks on personal branding.

Mindfulness and LeadershipValia Glytsis and Caroline Carlisi discuss the role of mindfulness in leadership.

Visualization: A guided meditation for quieting mental chatter.

Leadership happens in a moment. The moment when you decide to respond with presence and consciousness, rather than react from the habit of who you once were.