I teach people freedom

Freedom from fear, imposter syndrome, apathy, inefficiency, self-doubt, destructive habits, ineffective approaches, self-orientation, perfectionism, unworthiness, the list goes on…

The costs of these
fears are paramount.

Fears destroy individuals, teams,
client relationships, and entire organizations.
They kill progress and suffocate results.

Below are some of my signature programs. This work moves people to new possibilities of confidence, courage, and collaboration. The journey to get there can be messy and people often ask for one thing but really need something else. My superheroine power is naming what needs to be said and curating content in a way that it can be heard for what it is – a vehicle for transformation. I ask for your trust in my knowing what needs to be created when we are together. I promise that this leap of faith will take us to some wild and unexpected places.

Values-Based Leadership

Unleash authenticity and conviction by making conscious choices. This program focuses on rewiring leadership habits and actions from outside-in reaction to inside-out response.

First Generation Leadership

Take the leap from imposter syndrome to innate confidence. This program neutralizes fear-based cultural narratives and equips young and seasoned leaders alike to rewrite their own story.

The Paradox of Leadership

Understand the power of the paradox. This program teaches that leadership has so little to do with a title, scope or role, and everything to do with what is within – strengths, values, purpose.

The Spiritual Pursuit of Leadership

Dive into the unchartered space where business and spirituality intersect. This program radically challenges the foundation of what is possible through intention.

Conscious Confidence

Harness the signals of fear and transform them into personal and professional freedom. This program unravels patterns of toxic insecurity and self-doubt to enable larger-scale impact.

Grace Under Fire

Cultivate the mindset and skill of resilience, no matter the external circumstances. This program builds a comprehensive toolkit for navigating change, managing time and energy, and staying grounded.

These signature programs and other customized content come in a variety of shapes and sizes to serve the objectives of your organization or audience. It’s my delight to recommend the most suitable format for the most lasting impact.

Programs Include: 

Keynote Addresses
Single or Multi Day Offsite Retreats
Top-Team Meeting Facilitation
C-Suite 1:1 CoachingManagement Training Programs*
Coaching Excellence Training Programs*

* Learn more about our Learning & Development programs and offerings at The Paradox of Leadership.

Leadership has little to do with scope, title, or role. It’s a way of being, a mindset, and a never-ending choice.